Tanjung Malim: The relations and cooperation between BHL Computers and Toshiba is certainly close. It is no doubt that BHL Computers  is successful in meeting the needs and goals set by the Toshiba over the years. This close relationship also expressed not only in sales record but also in terms of sponsorship and cooperation of others.

Based on the result of a good effort and potential increased from BHL computers, the Toshiba awarded Most Outstanding Partner Award (Gold Partner). This is the second time for BHL Computers after receiving the same award in 2011 as a Silver Partner.

“This is a very high appreciation to us which is only a small fella in the computer business. Thanks to Toshiba for continuing to give credence to the BHL Computers throughout our engagement. The award also give a boost to our continued excellence in line with the our original to continue to be the best in the district of Batang Padang, “said Mr. Benedict Humphrey Liew, Managing Director of BHL Computers, upon receiving the award plaque  from Toshiba representative in front of BHL Computers outlets.

The award presentation is much sweeter after BHL Computers is just about completing the outlet’s renovation.